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How to Have a High Street Wedding

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Whatever your budget, it is possible to have a truley gorgeous wedding day. The high street is where we spend most of our time, anyway, so why turn your back on it for your wedding preparations?

Here are my favourie go to places, to hunt for these important wedding items:

Wedding Dress

For a high street wedding dress, head to places like Phase Eight and Monsoon. They have gorgeous dresses in all year round, especially now they have their dedicated wedding sections. Coast, too, has classic designs that will feel special for your big day.


Again, something that can cost a lot of money if you go down the bespoke route. However, consider shops like Paperchase, M&S and Vistaprint if you feel up to designing your own. (They also have some ready to go templates, too).


No longer do you need to worry about expensive wedding cakes. Look to places like Waitrose; they do wedding cakes, but I'd look at their celebration cakes (pre-iced fruit and sponge cakes for around £10) and decorate it yourself.  


Buy these in the sales and then put them on online stores like Ebay afterwards to make your cash back.



Holly Sophia Howard is a freelance writer who loves interior design, being by the sea and anything and everything to do with weddings.

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