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A good colour scheme serves many purposes in a wedding: reflecting your tastes as a couple, setting the mood and tone of your day and it ties togethers all the elements to make your day into a cohesive, classy event. We've put together an inspirational moodboard for today's colour scheme of Coral and Gold.

Rich and warm, this colour scheme will complement the exotic, Cyprus sun perfectly. Opt to mix shades of coral, blush and terracotta together with a splash of gold for a luxurious feel. To add some interest, why not add a pop of turquoise for a striking contrast? This colour scheme works beautifully with a combination of different textures to add to the sumptious atmosphere, try mixing tulle and chiffon with a metallic, smooth sheen or if you'd prefer a rustic vibe – combine with natural textures such as driftwood and even sand for a relaxed look.

There is so many possibilities with this colour scheme, you can dress it up with sparkle and metallics for an opulent affair or dress it down with natural materials for a relaxed event or add some contrast with a striking pop of turquoise. The choice is yours! Let us know what you think of the colour scheme in the comments below.

Have you got a colour scheme you'd love us to visualise for you? Let us know in the comments or drop us an email to see it on the blog.