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Cyprus, Island of Love

Welcome to Cyprus, The Island of Love!

Cyprus (officially the Republic of Cyprus) is a small yet beautiful island in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Turkey, Syria and Lebanon. It is rich in history and culture and you'll certainly fall in love with Cyprus when you visit.

At the crossroads of these three continents, Cyprus draws influence not only from Western Europe but with a hint of the East from Asia and Africa it has a very multicultural flavour. Known as 'The Island of Love', Cyprus is the supposed birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite. You can read the full story of the legend of Aphrodite's birth in Cyprus here.

It is country rich in ancient history and World Heritage sites but also boasts year round weather, stunning beaches, spectacular mountains and nature trails. There are plenty of historical sites to visit such as Tomb of the Kings and the Roman ruins which is a World Heritage site for the history buffs. For nature lovers there is the stunning Akamas Peninsula where turtles nest on the beach and the salt lake near Larnaca which plays host to many pink flamingos in spring. 

If you are an adventurous or sporty type you can do everything from skiing and hiking in the Troodos mountains to a multitude of water sports at the vast selection of beautiful beaches Cyprus has to offer. 

Whether you love experiencing traditional culture or prefer modernity, there is plenty to explore in Cyprus so whether you’d like to visit a cosmopolitan town such as Limassol or a traditional village in the foothills of Troodos, Cyprus has got it covered. We’ve got a great article on the different areas of Cyprus to help you find your perfect holiday or wedding destination

Not only is Cyprus a fantastic place to visit with so much to offer tourists but the Cypriot people are some of the most hospitable in the world, making you feel very welcome. It truly is a place where there is something for everyone and you will certainly fall in love with this captivating island.