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One of our favourite wedding trends of 2016 is mismatched bridesmaid dresses. So, whether you’re finding it hard deciding on one particular colour for your lovely ladies, or you don’t want just one shade as your wedding theme colour, this trend could be perfect for you.

So what’s great about the mismatched trend?

Individual Tastes

There have been some really great dress designs over the last couple of years that have allowed a bride to choose one dress which can be styled in completely personal ways for their bridesmaids. Why not go one step further then, and allow your bridesmaids to have a say in the colour of their gowns? They’ll be a lot more relaxed on the day with their gowns feeling less like uniforms and allowing their uniqueness to shine.

Layered Colour Theme

Instead of just choosing one single colour as your theme and having everything from flowers and dresses, to favours and decorations in this shade, decide on a handful of complimentary colours. This way you can pick and choose which colours to use for which decorations and it will really give a sense of cohesion to your day in terms of colour.

So Pretty!

mismatched dresses

Lastly, but definitely not least, a combination of colours and shades on your bridesmaids will look just gorgeous on the day and in photographs. We particularly love bridesmaid lineups where the ladies are all wearing a different shade of one colour – just like a dulux colour chart! – as they just look so pretty side by side, rippling with colour.