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One of my favourite wedding colours is gold. It shimmers alongside your whole day, giving a sense of occasion simply from the way it reflects light and dresses up even the most ordinary of items. You can pair gold with many shades, but one that I keep coming back to is gold and emerald.

The dark, almost velvet shade of emerald gives gold a twist that many other colours aren’t able to do. It exudes elegance, winter warmth and summer shade all at once. Teaming it with gold makes the green seem impenetrable and the shimmer a waft above. I am being lyrical here, but it is hard not to be since all the photographs you browse of this colour pairing make me want to choose my wedding shades all over again!

One of the most surprising things about the emerald and gold pairing is that it isn’t just a winter choice. It seems so, mostly due to the dark shade of green, but in fact, it can be equally apt for summer weddings, and indeed weddings throughout the year. This is due to the green shade being so used in bouquets and flower arrangements as a foundation. What you are doing, in fact, is simply omitting colour from where other weddings would have it, and adding gold in its place.

So, for flower arrangements and bouquets, you could have all foliage and dark green blooms with then hints of gold from accessories. Couple gold and green for invitations and name settings on the tables. Cement your colour scheme by choosing emerald bridesmaid dresses; these would look beautiful with gold accessories such as jewellery and hair pieces. Finally, choose a few really shimmery items like a gold sequin table cloth, shimmer confetti and even dress your wedding cake in edible glitter.