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Green hues are one of the loveliest for weddings, especially those where nature plays a part. Foliage and leaves mixed with grasses and even fruits can create the most beautiful of green canopies for your big day.

There are endless shades of all colours but green feels more deep rooted. It is the backdrop that many will choose for their wedding reception and so to embrace the colour entirely, brings the whole day closer to the ground people are celebrating on. One of my favourite aspects of opting for a colour scheme of one colour is the different hues. For example, bridesmaid dresses in different shades of green are simply stunning, whilst a bouquet of all green flowers, foliage, succulents and more looks like it was plucked straight from an enchanted corner somewhere.

There are grey tones if you’d like, all the way down to the deepest emerald and so it is a completely personal choice with the spectrum of shades. A couple of complimenting colours – that can very much be considered secondary to the green – are cream and brown. It’s hard to not include cream in your wedding as it slips in everywhere and is the most perfect shade for the big day. So too is brown, which goes hand in hand with natural greens, and can be used with invitations on craft paper or burlap to decorate the tables with.