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The epitome of autumn; falling leaves that crunch under foot and cool early evening sunsets. Burnt oranges, light flickers of orange, orange that melts into different shades. If we are surrounded by any one of these then we know it could only possibly be autumn. What a beautiful choice of colour for a wedding.

If you are planning a wedding in October and November, especially, then first of all congratulations! We absolutely love an autumn wedding and feel that there are far too few. The long summer months all too quickly shorten and the build up to Christmas begins and sometimes couples must almost not realise this season is available! Anyhow, the autumn colour palette of orange hues is really the most beautiful. It is striking yet soft and works wonderfully with a handful of other shades.

One of the boldest wedding choices is to put your bridesmaids in orange. I often think that the bridesmaids, often because they are so present at a wedding and their dresses are such a talking point, set some of the tone for the wedding. If they are in a sequin dress, then the guests might expect a bit of sophisticated affair at the reception, for example. This is the same with orange; by dressing your bridesmaids in this beautiful shade you are showing off your colour palette, rather than trying to dilute it.

Everything to do with the flowers – from table decoration to cake flowers – are just the best in hues of orange. Mixed with coral or cream, they are just dreamy. Have fun with the autumn leaves, too, as these are a very cost effective way to mix bought flowers with those that can be foraged!